OUR GOAL: $50,000



  • We hope to purchase supplies for our New Chemistry Lab at Tarasse Secondary School...microscopes, goggles, test tubes, text books and more! = $3,800

  • We hope to purchase CRECH Christian Education Curriculum for youth spiritual development = $3,700

  • We hope to purchase 20 refurbished laptops for a new computer lab at Poteau School. This will be their 1st lab! = $6,500

  • We hope to provide Partial Tuition Scholarships for 16 university students from our children's home, churches & staff = $14,000

  • We hope to purchase additional produce from local farmers to supplement Rise Against Hunger Meals for 2,100+ students = $22,000 


  • Chemistry Supplies: the Haitian Government has mandated secondary schools offer Chemistry classes complete with lab curriculum. However, they have not provided funding to assist schools to meet this mandate.

  • CRECH Curriculum: CRECH is a Haitian organization that creates discipleship curriculum for youth and adults which serves to promote the vision of HHH to strengthen and develop strong, talented disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • 20 Laptops: computer skills are essential for students if they expect to progress beyond elementary school. Our desire is to equip our students to suceed!

  • University Tuition Scholarships: Just over 1% of eligible Haitian youth graduates from university. It is one of our goals to see this statistic increase! We currently support 16 youth attending university with HHH assisting to pay their tuition fees up to 80% based on their need. 

  • Local Produce to supplement meals: HHH provides meals to 2,100 + students most school days. To meet this demand, we use Rise Against Hunger meals and purchase locally grown produce to stretch our resources so that each child has a filling and nutritious meal. We are working towards food self-sufficiency with our produce from the children's home garden. One of our ministry partners - Asbury Church - graciously helps purchase supplemental produce, but we need your help to add even more fresh veggies to our students' plates. The current economic and political instability has interrupted transportation making it increasingly difficult to receive food from outside sources - this is a critical need.


EDUCATION has the potential to change individual lives, communities, and nations! 

Please consider joining us on #GivingTuesday.


Donations up to $25,000 will be DOUBLED on #GivingTuesday - DECEMBER 03, 2019  


THANK YOU in advance - together we are making a difference...