Primary Schools


This school began in 1997 when we accepted the first 30 boys into our children's home. After a few years, Poteau school expanded to include children from the surrounding community. This school has over 400 students and is under the direction of Assagnier John.


Under the leadership of Cherismond Delva, the school at Tarasse opened in a rural community outside of Gonaives in 2002. Cherismond directs a quality school which has nearly 500 students enrolled. Tarasse school has secondary education through grade 13.


This school is located in the area which has been devastated by several hurricanes. Sous Raille offers preschool through grade 6 under the leadership of Pastor Olius. This ministry is  an outreach of the children's home. 

Sous Raille Primary School is supported by Asbury Church in Raleigh, NC


This school began as an outreach of the children's home and is under the leadership of Pastor Willy in a remote, destitute sugar cane community.

Cahoball Primary School is primarily funded by ChildCare International in Canada.


Danty is located in a remote mountain region. Pastor Hermann and his wife heard the Lord's call to return to their community of Danty to establish a church and school.

Funding for this school is desired.


Madam Pastor Willy gives leadership to this school on the other side of Poteau. Enrollment has increased dramatically causing overcrowded classrooms and much excitement.

Bas Andre Primary School is primarily funded by ChildCare International in Canada.


Mola is another outreach ministry of Pastor Hermann in a very remote mountain community. Mola adds a new class each year with the goal of reaching grade 6. 

Funding for this school is desired.


Ennery is a long established school under the leadership of Madam Adjocy. Ennery is a close knit community with strong parent involvement.

Funding for this school is desired.


HHH strongly believes in promoting literacy. Currently we have libraries at Poteau and Tarasse schools to encourage students to read for the fun of it. Books are in Creole and French. 

Find out more about our Library Project.