Sponsor a Child

2 Ways to Sponsor a Child

  1. SPONSOR A CHILD living in the Children's Home @ $25/Month
  2. SPONSOR A STUDENT attending one of our partner schools (Poteau or Tarasse Primary). Students live in the community and need financial assistance to attend school @ $25/ Month 


Special Projects & designated gift

I would like to support HHH through one of the designated donation options listed below:

Support Church Programs

Our churches are very involved with youth programs, summer camps and an adult literacy program. Church youth attending HHH sponsored churches also receive assistance for their high school and university tuition.  Funding to subsidize these programs would be of great benefit, including the opportunity to purchase Bibles, song books and devotional materials.

Support Schools: 3 Options

  1. Support a School: We presently have 8 primary schools and there is an opportunity for a church or group to sponsor a school and community.  We are very grateful that Asbury Church in Raleigh is sponsoring the Sous Raille School.  Child Care International in Canada is sponsoring the Cahoball & Bas Andre schools. Other rural schools are available for sponsorship as well.
  2. Support School  Lunch Programs: We partner with Rise Against Hunger that has donated a container of food to us for the past several years. We pay the cost of shipping and customs in Haiti which is typically $10,000. We also purchase over $1,500 of local produce each month to supplement the RAH food.
  3. Support a School Library: HHH libraries need your support! Many books are needed to fill our shelves. We dream of providing laptops so students can access information through interactive CD's. It is valuable for our students to have experience using applications that prepare them for future employment.

Emergency Relief

When disaster strikes Haiti, our local churches distribute and assist those in need with the funds that are received. Would you like to partner with them to do more when disaster strikes?

Clean Water

We have drilled many wells over the years and also provided water filtering system. New opportunities continue to exist as funds are available.


We are growing and constantly building. Consider building a classroom, a church, or a home for a family in need.



We'd love to hear from you!

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