We are privileged to provide a quality Christian education to more than 2,000 children in our eight rural primary schools. Students are taught by dedicated staff who cultivate the thrill of learning in these eager minds. Most days they receive a nutritional meal, thanks to our partnership with Rise Against Hunger. Brightly colored Creole devotional and text books are purchased thru CRECH. Our first library was established in 2013 at the Poteau school and we established our second library at Tarasse in 2014. Funding for operating our primary schools is mainly received from student sponsorships and grants.

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Poteau School

As more children's home youth graduated from primary school, we added a secondary school at the location of the girls home at Poteau.

Tarasse Community
Cherismond Delva and team began a secondary school in 2006 and added a class every year. An addition to the school was built in 2017 providing classrooms through grade 13.



In the early days of the children's home, we sent the teenagers into town to learn a trade as apprentices under experienced tradesmen. In 2002, a very successful sewing class of 120 ladies was established at the girls home. In 2007, we constructed a large school building and began offering three year programs in mechanical and electrical training. Classes of computer skills, construction and plumbing have also been offered. We have had the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity and the UN in providing training to young adults that they have selected.